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our story

We have been together for a little over three and a half years, and now we're getting married on October 19, 2013 in High Falls, NY.  Our happenstance first meeting occurred during a party for a left-leaning law society (I'm looking at you Mrs. Rementer).  As Danielle referenced in the timeline, I was inebriated -- hoping that the alcohol would accentuate my charm and sedate any social angst.  And, as alcohol always does, it worked! I spent the better half of the evening with my arm propped on Danielle -- her shoulder acted as counterweight to the alcohol-influenced-gravity I was feeling.  

But, even after completely embarrassing myself that evening, Danielle talked to me the very next day when I complimented her on the cool Vans sneakers she was rocking (this was in 2009, before it was cool to wear old Vans).  We learned a lot about each other very quickly by going through the awkward dating period.  But, it was fun! Our first date was at Sushi Planet in Philadelphia, where Danielle ordered a cucumber roll, and I quickly learned Danielle's shortcomings when it comes to eating more adventurous foods.  And, this brings me to an important tenet of our relationship: we have always pushed each other beyond our comfort zones.  For example, Danielle's tastes have evolved and will now, on occasion, enjoy a spicy tuna roll and the rhythmic lyrics of Talib Kweli, and I will munch on a pain au chocolat while jamming out to Led Zeppelin.  It is in this way that our distinct personalities compliment one another, and we are able to find happiness.

Our relationship has bloomed, and we have accomplished a lot together in the last three-plus-years: graduated law school, adopted animals, shared a home, made friends, played softball, passed the bar, traveled across the U.S. and Europe, and finally left everything behind and moved to a far off land called 'Louisiana.'  So much has changed in our lives in the last 9-months, it has been both turbulent and exciting.  But, now we're ready to get married, and we hope you will join us.